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At Royal Aesthetic Spa we offer many different facial treatments that will purify, refresh, and relax your skin. Our facials are done with the French cosmetics brand, YONKA. Our YONKA products have various purifying masks that work for different types of skin, with many anti-aging, moisturizing and repairing effects.

These beautifying facials will relieve your skin from stress, while adding a natural shine to it. Before getting the treatment, you have the option of speaking with our Professional Aesthetician, who will explain the process and the procedure. After consulting with our Professional Aesthetician, you may pick the right facial treatment for your skin type by taking into consideration your desired result.

Introductory and Classic Facials

1. Deep Pore Cleansing Facial

This refining facial leaves your skin in harmony, natural glow, and full complexion. It is well used by a customer of any age, who needs a combination of cleansing as well as relaxation.


  • A cleaner and healthier look
  • Purification of the skin
  • Relaxation the skin

Note: this facial is recommended to be used once a month to allow your skin a deep cleanse and a healthier look

75 min $65 (reg $90)

2. European Facial

This beautifying treatment adds a natural shine to your skin in just a few moments. Through this treatment you will be able to experience essential sensations of Yon-Ka Cosmetics, leaving hydrated, happy, and refreshed.


  • Radiant look
  • Hydrated skin
  • Energized and a refreshed post-treatment feeling

30 min $50


This treatment is specifically designed to bring you a deep state of relaxation, aromatic sensations, and to get rid of any stiffness, bringing on your natural glowing skin tone. The use of citrus will oxygenate your skin, while the essential oils will bring you harmony. This treatment is energizing yet freeing of any worries.


  • Detoxifies the skin
  • Adds radiance
  • Allows the skin to relax and get rid of any fatigue

60 min $80 (reg $100)

Advanced Anti Ageing Facials

4. Resurfacing Fruit Acid Facial

This anti-aging, hydrating, and restoring procedure of the epidermis layer of the skin will allow you to feel more youthful right after the completion of the first treatment. We recommend up to four sessions for this treatment for a deeper penetration and reduction of the wrinkles, tiredness, and any complexion of the skin. With the use of natural fruit acids, you will leave feeling glowing, relaxed, and younger.


  • Anti-aging action gets rid of the wrinkles and facial complexions
  • Hydration and restoration of the skin tone

75 min $89 (reg $110)

5. Lifting and Firming Facial

This treatment lifts and restructures the skin, visibly allowing for it to feel and look more youthful. During the procedure hyaluronic acid is used with a deeply hydrating marine collagen that acts on the epidermis layer of the skin. At the end of the procedure, a co-enzyme Q10 is used to protect the skin layer from any free-attacking bacteria.


  • Visibly lifts and restores the skin’s natural tone-balance
  • Brings on a natural glow
  • Lets the skin to become firmer and smoother

Note: We recommend up to four sessions for this treatment for more dramatic results

75 min $105 (reg 130)

Dryness and Dehydration Facials

6. Intense Hydration Facial

This treatment is an intense hydration process through which you will be able to re-balance your skin tone, hydrating, and getting rid of any tightness that brings you much discomfort. Allow yourself to experience renewal of the skin, bringing moisture and comfort to your skin.


  • Gets rid of dryness and tightness of the skin
  • Rebalances and restores natural skin tone
  • Deeply hydrates the skin

Note: Choose this treatment anytime you experience dryness, stiffness of the skin

60 min $80 (reg $100)

7. Hydration Facial with Hot Stones

This treatment will hydrate and relax your skin, washing all of the worries away. For a higher state of relaxation, this facial uses hot stones to bring you into a meditative state. Just as it comes from the ancient cultures of Zen, you will be able to experience ultra-soft, hydrating sensations in the moment of your well-being.


  • A relaxed state of mind and well-being
  • Softer, hydrated skin tone
  • Radiant glow

60 min $95 (reg $120)

Relaxing massage $59 European Facial $50


It was my bf birthday, when I decided to treat him for a nice relaxation massage and essential facial. What a wonderful experience we had! Both of us enjoyed a lot! The SPA is very clean, has a nice atmosphere and very professional medical aestheticians. Thank you! We will be back!

Alis Ford

I like coming here. The staff makes me feel comfortable. I usually come twice a month for my waxing full back treatment and foot massage. Asli is the best with waxing! I also like the location, which is close to my work. Thank you!

Javad Ch

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