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Have you had a stressful day? Come to Royal Aesthetic Club, where you can relax your body and soul. Here you will be able to take advantage of a refreshing break and relaxation therapy that will help you feel free of tiredness. The massage that we offer is a wonderful way to relieve any soreness in your muscles through the magnificence of a human touch. Our Registered Massage Therapists will provide you with the sense of deep meditative relaxation that you are seeking.

Couple’s massage | call to book

Being in a position to relax with your loved one can be very compelling, relaxing, and quite wonderful. It gives you a sense of bonding, while being in a profound state of relaxation. The room is vast and is spacious enough for two people to get the experience that they desire. Depending on the couple’s preferences, they can get a Swedish, Aromatherapy, or Deep Tissue massage. * (The prices will apply For The Chosen massage).

Relaxation massage | call to book

A relaxation massage is a whole-body hands-on treatment that uses pressure, stroking and rubbing of your skin to help you relax. A treatment is designed to relax your body with no pain.

30 min $30 | 60 min $59

Swedish massage | call to book

This specific type of massage is very popular for people who suffer from back pains as well as headaches. The reason being is that it increases one’s circulation and is able to reduce fatigue in muscles and joints throughout the body.

30 min $30 | 60 min $60

Deep tissue massage | call to book

As the name presents, this type of massage focuses on the deep tissues of the whole body as well as the muscles that are fatigued and strained. The technique of this massage relieves overall bodily stress, muscle knots, and any sort of weariness or pain.

30 min $35 | 60 min $65

Aromatherapy massage | call to book

During this treatment, fragrant essential oils and scents are incorporated with a Swedish massage allowing you to relax and fall into various senses. There is a choice of different essential oils such as energizing, relaxing, or comforting depending on the result that you are looking for.

30 min $35 | 60 min $65

Hot stone massage | call to book

This very unique type of massage uses warm basalt stones that are placed on various muscle groups, which allows you to go into a sensational, meditative state. This massage will bring you back to your senses of calmness and full relaxation.

60 min $70

Relaxing massage $59 European Facial $50


It was my bf birthday, when I decided to treat him for a nice relaxation massage and essential facial. What a wonderful experience we had! Both of us enjoyed a lot! The SPA is very clean, has a nice atmosphere and very professional medical aestheticians. Thank you! We will be back!

Alis Ford

I like coming here. The staff makes me feel comfortable. I usually come twice a month for my waxing full back treatment and foot massage. Asli is the best with waxing! I also like the location, which is close to my work. Thank you!

Javad Ch

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